Stan’s is able to help you with shoe modifications to help your shoes feel best for your feet and body. In addition to our great selection of over-the-counter insoles and orthotics, internal heel lifts, and other fitting accessories we offer modifications for your shoes.

Heel and Sole Elevation Lifts

Used to compensate leg length discrepancies caused by surgery, developmental and congenital issues.  We make these lifts blend in as much as possible by splitting the outsole and matching the lift material to the original sole material.

Lift Removal

Sometimes the height of your lift needs to change, we can do that too.

What kind of shoes can you add full sole elevation lifts too?

We are able to add full length and heel elevation lifts to just about any kind of shoes including sandals, boots, athletic footwear, casual footwear, and dress shoes (with a heel height up to 1’’). New shoes are best, but worn pairs with some life left in them can also work.

Velcro Strap Installation

We are able to convert lace up shoes and boots to a Velcro strap closure to make the shoe easier to put on and remove and to make the shoe more adjustable and fit better. This can be helpful when hand dexterity is a challenge.

Lift and Shoe elevations require a prescription from your medical provider written within the last 12 months.

Please contact us or visit one of our Milwaukee area locations for more information.