Let Us Serve You

We’re turning the tables and taking the time to serve you! It’s no secret that individuals in the food service industry are on their feet all day, so we’ve cooked up some appetizing slip-resistant shoe and clog solutions. Whether you’re a chef, host, server, or restaurant owner, it’s time to kick up your feet and let us serve you and your employees!

Partner With Us

As a family business, we understand that taking care of employees means that they’ll take better care of customers. We can cook up a full-course program that will make helping your employees as easy as pie.

Here’s a sampling of what we can do for you:

Our Menu

Slip-Resistant Shoes

Slip-resistant shoe styles that combine “back-of-house” comfort with “front-of-house” style.


Insoles are our equivalent of the perfect wine pairing, but for our shoes. Highly recommended for full comfort!

Compression Socks

Go ahead, work a double shift…pain-free with Compression Socks!